Abundance! For the first time, my pineapple plant grew twins! These fruits are a reminder of how nature provides. Until I grew my own pineapple, I’d never seen one this color. I’d never tasted one so sweet, never eaten one so juicy. Store bought fruits are picked before ripeness to survive transport, which sacrifices so

Thank you, Chicken Sisters, for joining the chants. This chant asks that anger be released and transmuted. Each emotion is a gift. Let us undo the conditioning that says only the joyous emotions should be welcomed and honored. To deny the arising of the emotion of anger is to deny ourselves the full human experience.

Butterfly Magick!!  Whenever I think of Butterfly Medicine, I think of the message of transformation; the age-old guidance to patiently await our blossoming. Yesterday, Little Butterfly came to teach me some new lessons. She has more to offer than just converting her caterpillar body into winged wonder. We watched as our insect friend became trapped

A lifetime of friendshipIn a Sunday morning. Dedicating silence to eye gazing,we returned to that place,where our souls can’t hide. A blessing for your mother’s house,so simple, so powerful, so full of love. Chasing the dog after she outwits me,wiggling gracefully out of her collar. Marveling over Charles Eisenstein,as he fascinates us with his talk

Because that’s all it ever was. Conditioning.  It’s time to willfully decondition, and recondition.  Because we have the power.  Because we are able. Because we can get back what was taken.  Because deep down, we all know what’s right. Because reality is more beautiful than we were ever allowed to believe. Because the truth will