Thank you, Chicken Sisters, for joining the chants.

This chant asks that anger be released and transmuted.

Each emotion is a gift. Let us undo the conditioning that says only the joyous emotions should be welcomed and honored.

To deny the arising of the emotion of anger is to deny ourselves the full human experience. Anger is not something to be fixed or cured. We will cycle through to experience all emotions, over and over, throughout our lives.

Some of the most valuable lessons we are given in life will also activate anger. As are all emotions, anger is a Divine Messenger that carries with it important information. It is our job to decode this information.

Anger can surface to let us know a boundary has been crossed, a violation has taken place or our expectations have been out of alignment with Truth. How incredible to think that we carry this greater wisdom within our physiological response system. It is constantly guiding us and acting as our personal guru.

When we shed the light of consciousness onto our anger, rather than suppress it, we are able to use it as a choice point. Anger is a gust of wind that invites us to adjust our sails. It can signal when it is necessary to create or enforce a boundary, remove ourselves from a toxic environment/relationship or to shift an unhealthy set of expectations.

The energy of anger is a wise master who carries a great and powerful energetic force. It is essential for us to find ways to help discharge this energy from our internal biosphere so that it may be recycled and transmuted.

It has been my great pleasure and honor to be working with the Divinely Gifted Sandra Winogrocki (Playground for the Soul), from whom I’ve been receiving Sound Healing. Sandra offered me a choice of chants as part of my practice, and I allowed my intuition to guide me to choose this prayer to help process and release anger.

I’ve been given valuable lessons throughout my life that have provoked much anger within me. I no longer hold the belief that anger is a cause for shame. It is my duty, as a Cosmic Warrior of this Divine Universe, to live so fully that I provoke powerful and fierce emotional experiences. It is also my duty to fully feel, process and release the energy of these emotions back into the ether so that they may be transmuted back into highest vibration; that of love.

Thank you, Sandra, for dedicating so much time, dedication and heart to the development of your true gifts. It is such an honor to watch your passions and talents expressed as pure medicine.

Thank you, Cosmic Warriors of this Divine Universe, for doing your work to honor and experience it all. Together we continue to Raise the Vibration for All of Creation.

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