Julie Clark, BCC


Grateful Founder of Cosmic Warrior Wisdom, LLC

Julie Clark is a fellow Cosmic Warrior. She is a Board-Certified Coach and specializes in Entheogenic Medicine Integration, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and Psychospiritual Coaching.

Julie’s training and certifications include Entheogenic (Psychedelic) Medicine Integration, Psychosynthesis (Psychospiritual) Coaching, Living Foods Preparation and Addiction Recovery Coaching. She works with individuals, coaches in group settings, and facilitates workshops for personal and spiritual growth, empowerment and connection with the Divine.

Julie has worked extensively with Shamans and healers who have devotedly imparted teachings that integrate love for and understanding of ourselves, Mother Earth, and the undeniable interconnectedness of all life. It has been her honor to work with true Medicine People who continue to impart ancient knowledge handed down from generations of ancestors.

The work that Julie offers unites science with Spirit. She focuses on helping clients to create, strengthen and maintain beneficial neural pathways, and extinguish those which no longer serve. Through her Psychosynthesis training, she helps people to uncover, explore and integrate their subpersonalities and pave the way for a deeper identification with the Authentic Self. She guides her clients to engage all of their Psychological Functions (including Thinking, Intuition, Desire/Impulse, Sensation, Imagination and Feeling/Emotion). Julie uses various tools, including but not limited to: individualized guided exercises and meditations, somatic exploration, incorporation of nature into the healing process, dream interpretation, art therapy and will development.

It is Julie’s honor to guide clients through the Integration Process so they get the most out of their journey(s) with Entheogenic Medicines. This sacred work is about so much more than the individual experience. Julie helps clients prepare for their journey, whether it be their first or one of many. She helps her clients bring to light the lessons, messages and insights from their work and together they co-create strategies to develop these gifts into lifelong changes. When engaged in whole-heartedly, the process of Entheogenic Medicine Integration rewards the journeyer with lifelong transformation. Shifts in perceptions about the self and the world become solidified, stagnant fears and judgments that no longer serve are released and transmuted, and personal evolution continues to develop and expand.

For Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse, Julie gently but effectively guides clients down the road to successful recovery. Patterns of co-dependency, low self-esteem, reduced energy/motivation/inspiration, anxiety and other resulting energetic manifestations are tackled head-on. Clients learn to use their high empathic traits as sources of compassionate strength and guided wisdom. Successful healing from Narcissistic Abuse restores the client’s inner vibration and opens the door to a new world in which they naturally engage in healthy communications, environments and relationships.

Julie’s life purpose is to empower others to unlock the Cosmic Wisdom that each of us carries within. Through a lifetime of deep personal work, she has been given gifts which were meant to be passed on and shared from the heart. Julie is passionate about awakening in others their unique strengths, insights and abilities. She recognizes that all people have an equal amount of connection to Cosmic, Divine Wisdom, and it is her mission to help people reestablish and fortify their natural communion with this force. Her time with clients is temporary; their connection to and reliance upon their own inner guidance will last a lifetime.

In addition to individual coaching, Julie is a workshop facilitator, nature adventurer, writer, singer-songwriter/musician, dancer and artist. She uses each medium as a sacred medicine and shares ways in which creative, joyful expression may be used for personal, spiritual and planetary healing. Julie is in awe of how the great tribe of Cosmic Warriors is growing, and she gives thanks to all who do the work of personal and spiritual transformation; it is truly the work of the warrior who, through transforming the self, raises the vibration for all of creation.