Plant Medicine gifts us seeds replete with vital, life-altering information. It is our duty and privilege to nurture these sacred seeds through an intentional and dedicated Integration Process.

True Integration unfolds as we continue to work with the lessons we learn, the inspirations we are granted, and the beauty we experience. Our journey does not end at the close of ceremony; the dying embers of the fire merely mark the beginning.

We cultivate our sacred seeds gifted by our Plant Family so that our fresh insights and momentous motivations become so firmly and so permanently ingrained into our psyche, our hearts and our bodies, that we live the rewards of these gifts each day. The goal is a lasting shift in our perception. It is to take full advantage of the opportunity of a new way of being in the world.

As we embark upon the journey of Integration, we allow the currents of our inspirations to carry us further down the river of growth and expansion. This is the work of the True Warrior, one who respects the teacher, stays on the path, and continues to evolve.

Thank you Plant Medicine.

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