Abundance! For the first time, my pineapple plant grew twins!

These fruits are a reminder of how nature provides. Until I grew my own pineapple, I’d never seen one this color. I’d never tasted one so sweet, never eaten one so juicy. Store bought fruits are picked before ripeness to survive transport, which sacrifices so much of their special qualities.

The experience of planting, tending to and witnessing the stages of growth of our food gives us an intimate connection to it. Each time we share space and interact with plants, an energetic communication takes place. These are living beings who sense our presence, witness us and generously provide vital nourishment and energy. Should we spit on our seeds before planting, they will read our DNA and purposefully grow with a higher nutrient density in favor of what we individually lack. Should we offer kindness and attuned attention through spoken word and playing music, they respond as would a human, becoming happier and healthier.

When we grow our own food, we are not so inclined to waste it, for we have been in relationship with it. Having witnessed the miracle of its growth is an invitation to honor and be thankful for that which we harvest. We are not so inclined to rush when we eat, for the growth process teaches us patience. Fifty percent of digestion, as I was taught at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, takes place in our mouths.

At present, I have a little space to grow a few things. I have no access to land that has not been claimed and “owned” by another. But evolution takes time, and the small steps of change are to be celebrated. I have a dream of the world living closer to nature, respecting her processes, and continuing to learn from and be humbled by her.

As we take the steps that are available to us in this present moment, we put coins into the manifestation bank. Our big dreams, complex ambitions and life-changing visions can take time to bear fruit. Overwhelm can be a thief of action and destroyer of faith.

Throw not away your mountainous dreams simply because they cannot be realized within a day. Set your plans into the manifestation process by choosing to live a microcosm of your dream each day. Those who try to scale a mountain in one bound are destined to fail. Those who take one step at a time, eventually reach the summit.

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