Butterfly Recuperation

Butterfly Magick!! 

Whenever I think of Butterfly Medicine, I think of the message of transformation; the age-old guidance to patiently await our blossoming.

Yesterday, Little Butterfly came to teach me some new lessons. She has more to offer than just converting her caterpillar body into winged wonder.

We watched as our insect friend became trapped in a coop and attacked by a chicken. Once the butterfly fell lifeless to the ground, the chicken lost interest. We were sure she was dead. But then we noticed her wings started to quiver.

Captivated by her beauty and longing to help, I felt pulled to do something. I was being guided to ACTION by feeling.

Intellectually, my thoughts were speaking “there’s no way she survived; she’s obviously about to die, why bother?” I was being guided to INACTION by thought.

Little Butterfly showed me to quiet the mind and go with the heart. She reminded me of the power of tuning into my intuition.

I picked her up and brought her over to the grass. I had hoped placing her here would give her a chance to recover. There I was thinking again. I felt a strong love for her; a connection, an instinct to protect. I put those feelings aside as my logic told me, “You are a big human. She must be afraid. Put her down before you stress her out.” I tugged at a wing to transfer her to the ground, and Little Butterfly said “no!” She gripped onto my hand. And so she stayed.

Little Butterfly allowed me to continue in my current role as her protector until she was ready. She had been knocked down, hurt and traumatized. She took time to recuperate, was unashamed to receive support and honored her own need for recovery.

Little butterfly demonstrated her ability to trust. She opened up to help as it was given from a place of love. She also demonstrated that a graceful recuperation unfolds in the absence of self-judgement. She gave herself that time to rest. She did not rise until she was ready.

And her rise was glorious. After a few faltering steps and a few wing-flaps, she took flight. I watched her soar high above the trees and knew she was on the way to her next adventure.

I felt so honored to have been given the opportunity to have witnessed this magnificent little creature’s recuperation and return to freedom. And so, Little Butterfly gave me a couple more pieces of wisdom that I will carry with me.

She reminded me of our universal calling to help others in need when the opportunities arise. As I watched her freedom in flight, I felt a piece of that freedom within myself. As I watched her dance in the sky, my soul too danced. We are separate beings by illusion only, and our instinct to be of assistance to one another is always an act of elevating the Self.

Lastly, Little Butterfly taught me the value of never giving up. We all get knocked down, traumatized, beat up and bruised, but as long as there is still a spark of life, we are sure to fly again. Thank you, Little Butterfly, for blessing my journey and offering your wisdom and medicine.

Freedom in Flight!

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