Entheogenic Medicine Integration

Entheogenic Medicines, also known as Psychedelic or Plant Medicines, are becoming widely revered for their myriad psychospiritual properties. 

For clients working with these Medicines, it is Julie’s honor to provide guidance through Preparation and Integration Processes.


A deeply transformative entheogenic journey begins before the medicine is taken. 

Preparation is a key component to effectively work with and honor this sacred gift. 


For those using entheogens for the first time, Julie answers questions about what to expect and how to best prepare for their chosen medicine.  

It is common to have anxiety in anticipation of a first experience. Clients are given space to address and explore their fears and concerns. 

Individualized techniques and practices are selected to help ground energy and ease pre-journey jitters.Grounding techniques are invaluable tools that are used to both prepare for and help navigate intense energies within the journey space.

Setting Intentions 

Preparing intentions for an entheogenic journey will help to focus the mind and energetic biosphere. Well-cultivated intentions will also enhance the ability to fully receive and interpret messages and guidance from the medicine.

Psychosynthesis Coaching modalities support clients as they set clear goals and establish their desired mindset. All of the psychological functions are engaged in the Intention-Setting Process, including: Intuition, Thinking, Sensation, Emotion, Desire/Impulse and Imagination. 

Conscious Intention-Setting helps to develop and fine-tune goals such as:

  • Development of a Transpersonal Quality such as self-confidence, focus, compassion, forgiveness, humility, courage, joy, conscientiousness, gratitude, etc.
  • Break-throughs in mental/emotional blocks
  • Overcoming patterns of self-sabotage
  • Discovery and/or development of personal goals, dreams and visions 
  • Gaining clarity with interpersonal relationships 
  • Creation of a mantra, mental image and/or body posture to amplify intentions and stimulate beneficial neural pathways


Without proper integration, many of the medicine’s gifts of insight, wisdom and inspiration fade with time. Detrimental perceptions and conditioned behaviors/response patterns will reemerge. New beneficial neural pathways will eventually die back and expire. 

It is vital to take advantage of the golden window of opportunity immediately following medicine work. 

In this space, consciousness is expanded, the journeyer has fresh perspectives on life/relationships/the world, and the corresponding new neural pathways are firing. 

Integration takes advantage of this precious window of time. Clients are guided to resurface and explore all aspects of their journey, including but not limited to: 

  • Deciphering received messages 
  • Grounding inspirations
  • Taking advantage of heightened motivation for change
  • Decoding visions, auditory communications, bodily sensations/responses, experiences of beauty/unity/struggle/darkness, memories from childhood, etc. 
  • Creating a plan of action for continued stimulation of newly-formed neural pathways 

Within integration sessions, clients will cultivate lessons, revelations and insights gifted from their journey. Imagery, emotional, bodily, auditory and sensory experiences are worked through to decode deeper meanings and messages. 

Using Psychosynthesis-inspired Psychological Laws, clients will develop practices and tools to deepen their transformation process post-journey. This work helps firmly set new neural pathways that have been created with the medicine. 

As clients nurture the seeds of their sacred journey, the change process is kept active and alive. This work solidifies profound insights, perception shifts, new paradigms and fresh patterns so they become firmly and permanently ingrained into the psyche. The journeyer’s ultimate gift is that of rebirth; a forever-changed way of experiencing, perceiving and being in the world. 

The Integration Process allows the fruits of Entheogenic Medicine Work to fully ripen. Much love and gratitude to all who answer the call to work with these sacred medicines. Your path of personal evolution is a valuable contribution to the Spiritual Evolution of our Planet. 

*Sessions take place over video chat or phone call; always the client’s preference.