A lifetime of friendshipIn a Sunday morning. Dedicating silence to eye gazing,we returned to that place,where our souls can’t hide. A blessing for your mother’s house,so simple, so powerful, so full of love. Chasing the dog after she outwits me,wiggling gracefully out of her collar. Marveling over Charles Eisenstein,as he fascinates us with his talk

Because that’s all it ever was. Conditioning.  It’s time to willfully decondition, and recondition.  Because we have the power.  Because we are able. Because we can get back what was taken.  Because deep down, we all know what’s right. Because reality is more beautiful than we were ever allowed to believe. Because the truth will

In the Name of Death and Destruction – the blessed death of that which no longer serves, the destruction of resentments and self-righteous spite. Blessed be the fire element, as she serves to burn the dead weight, preparing us for the birth of fresh perspectives; a new lens through which to view our world. We

Red flags serve as warnings. They alert us to potential dangers in engaging with certain people or situations.  The first step to heeding a red flag is to simply recognize it.  The second step is to retreat.  If we witness ourselves rationalizing rather than retreating, then the red flag can serve as a message; an

Plant wisdom. It is one modality through which Mother Nature speaks her messages. She offers communications and inspirations, which we are all capable of receiving. And the pathway to receiving? Perceiving. Attention. Quiet the mind, and welcome that which you find. I’ve already received an abundance of gifts from my little buckwheat greens. The gift