Celebrate How Far You’ve Come

It’s been this long since Halloween. No need for a clock, no need for a calendar. It’s been this long since ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks, tricks and treats. And look at how far this pumpkin has come. In her youth, she symbolized the magick of Samhain. Her bright orange presence helped to honor and celebrate a deep feeling into the crisp fall air, the transition of our tree sisters and brothers, and the lengthening of our nighttime. And look how far this pumpkin has come. Look how she has opened herself, unafraid, to Mother Nature’s Divine Processes. Look how she feeds and houses fungi. Imagine the tiny creatures who have happily dined upon her flesh in passing. See how she graciously gives of herself to the living soil, so that the plant sisters and brothers may benefit from her enrichment of their earthen home.

Now take a moment to reflect upon yourSelf. In what ways have you changed since autumn’s dawn? Take stock of your causes for celebration, your accomplishments and blessings. What lessons have you been gifted, and how have those lessons changed pieces of your soul that will no longer be the same? In what ways have you given to others, and made this world a better place? Take a moment and celebrate those things. In what ways have you enriched your environment, through Self-work, care for our Mother, and participating in community? Take a moment to reflect upon and celebrate those things.

Look back and search not for regret, for this an outdated conditioning that is left best to the fungus. Look back in wonder and glee. Celebrate your Divine Process as it unfolds. Look within for your ever-replenishing fount of inspiration. Celebrate, with intent, how far you have come.

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