Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

A Journey Back to Self

For Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse, Julie gently but effectively guides clients on a journey back to the Authentic Self. 

Patterns of co-dependency, low self-esteem, decreased motivation/inspiration and ruminative thought cycles are tackled head-on. 

Psychosynthesis Coaching modalities are infused into the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Process. Clients learn to use their high empathic traits as sources of compassionate power and guided wisdom. All of the psychological functions (Intuition, Thinking, Sensation, Emotion, Desire/Impulse and Imagination) are engaged. Weaker psychological functions are identified and developed while stronger ones are both used for their assets and brought into balance with the others. 

Subpersonality work helps clients to identify those parts of the Self that tend to attract and enable narcissistic mistreatment. Understanding, grounding and integrating these parts of the personality make way for the client to reestablish an attuned connection with the Authentic Self. 

The Authentic Self:
  • Confidently makes decisions from a place of self-love and respect
  • Effortlessly sets and maintains appropriate boundaries 
  • Effectively processes stale emotions 
  • Recognizes manipulative behaviors such as gaslighting and immediately disengages 
  • Is guided by intuitive calling rather than conditioned response patterns
  • Naturally engages in healthy communications, environments and relationships 

Sessions include work to process and release trapped energies. It is detrimental to the recovery process when patterns of anger, shame and regret become stuck. The end-goal is to transmute stagnant, repetitive emotive cycles and open space for renewed self-confidence and creative expression. Revitalized inner resonance and restored self-esteem are powerful catalysts to put an end to trauma-bonding cycles.   

Successful recovery from narcissistic abuse restores the client’s inner vibration. Natural alignment with healthy communications, environments and relationships becomes the new way of being in the world. Once connection to the Authentic Self is reestablished and old patterns put to rest, life reactivates with a deeper sense of inner peace, wonder, passion and joy. 

*Coaching sessions take place over video chat or phone call; always the client’s preference.