Best coach I could have asked for

5.0 rating
May 19, 2021

I feel like Julie was meant to be my integration coach. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach and person to work with through my integration process. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met and was so easy to work with. I always felt comfortable and safe with her . She really listened and helped me with my daily practices and I learned a lot in the short time we worked together. Thank you for being you Julie and thank you for helping me come more into my true self! Lots of love to you!!!


An incredibly helpful and intuitive guide.

5.0 rating
February 19, 2021

Julie was such a pleasure to work with, she was very affirming and always made sure you felt heard and understood! She gave incredibly helpful tips and advice to help you gain perspective and insight. She also was very in tune with how she was perceived and was careful to not suggest things that didn’t align with you or your experience. I loved working with her and would recommend her to anyone! She gives off a very loving and warm vibe!

Lita P

The Best Listener I have Ever Worked With: Present, Insightful, and Everything I Needed and More.

5.0 rating
January 2, 2021

Julie is an incredibly skillful coach and she also has a huge heart, wonderful presence, and is absolutely the best listener I have ever worked with. She was present with me 100% of the time. She was able to reflect back on what was needed at the right moments bringing great insights and allowing space for my own insights to come through. She made me feel completely safe and held. We were able to connect deeply and truly. I was able to move through what I was working through and felt many shifts after because of her coaching. She lead me through expansive practices that I can bring forth into my life going forward. I highly highly recommend her.


An Absolute Godsend

5.0 rating
December 19, 2020

Julie Clark is such a blessing to work with. I never expected to receive such a breakthrough – or understanding of my underlying issues – before working with her. She allows me to get to the root of my problems through her innovative practices. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an established psychosynthesis coach.


Amazing and fast results!!

5.0 rating
November 16, 2020

The coaching sessions are speechless. The progress and awakening that has been happening creating peaceful and beautiful results in my progress has been impeccable! Julie is a very connected human with much more to offer than the coaching! Her warmth and standing are indescribable. You get to experience her and you will know what I am talking about!!! I love it!
Thank you Julie, feeling blessed and honor by your caring and guidance.

Claudia Nieves

Sweet intuitive mirror

5.0 rating
November 9, 2020

Julie supported me through a difficult moment in my life. I was feeling overwhelmed and couldn’t see clearly through some life events. Her therapy is unique. She has a very very calming approach to listening and mirroring helping bringing the answers from within. This girl CARES!!! She knows what she’s doing and we’ll go out of her way to support you !! God bless you Jewls and thank you for your love!!

Mateo Bonells

A warm, caring experience!

5.0 rating
October 24, 2020

I did not know what Psychosynthesis was or what to expect from our session. However, it was a delightful experience, and I now have new tools to use regarding the issue which we worked on! I am gifting a session for a friend!


Supportive, Soothing Psychosynthesis

5.0 rating
September 8, 2020

Julie provided such centered, soothing guidance into the wisdom of my inner psyche. I was able to tap into and find reassurance from within through the help of my guides and imagination that ultimately I am my own inner authority and that I can trust my own discernment. I felt so safe and held by her presence and voice. She also helped me touch into feelings of unworthiness around money also. I had a breakthrough that is backed by my mind, which feels so important! She lovingly helped my heart and mind come into alignment. Her offering comes from such a pure place, which makes this work potent medicine!


Expansion through Integration

5.0 rating
September 5, 2020

Julie’s guidance was INSTRUMENTAL for me to fully asses and integrate my incredible plant medicine experience. She’s an amazing listener and guide and helps you maximize the potential growth that comes with a special experience. She pours love and support into every word and her calming energy was so needed. She shared a daily practice that I still use every single day since our session and it has helped me get grounded and in gratitude immediately. Thank you Julie for bringing my plant medicine integration to a new level and helping me see how sacred and special this growth is.

Vanessa Bel

Psychosynthesist Session

5.0 rating
August 30, 2020

Julie guided me into a process to help me heal the part of me that thinks I am needy. It was an incredible experience of allowing anything to come up and through me in the beautiful safe space that Julie creates. I was able to create love for that part of myself and released a lot of shame. I am excited to continue my journey with Julie, I am truly ready to heal all of my wounds and I am so grateful to have Julie’s support!!

Lisa Rene