In the Name of Death and Destruction – the blessed death of that which no longer serves, the destruction of resentments and self-righteous spite.

Blessed be the fire element, as she serves to burn the dead weight, preparing us for the birth of fresh perspectives; a new lens through which to view our world.

We hear often of forgiving, not for the other, but solely in benefit to ourselves. We respectfully disagree. We forgive BOTH for ourselves AND for those who have hurt us, for we recognize and honor the truth.

We are unafraid to offer our compassion and goodwill to our transgressors, for we cry out in the name of THEIR pain.

We release our offenders from harsh judgements, and grant unconditional absolution.

Our method is thus: each time we become aware of self-pity, every instance in which we find ourselves angering over mental revisions of past injustices, we remind ourselves of this: Our offender’s punishment is retroactive.

We have arrived at a Divine Choice Point – the True Warrior in us shifts her/his focus to the Great Pain, the Past Traumas, the Insecurities, Fears, the Desperation – which all reside so powerfully in the hearts and minds of our “foe.” We are now graciously released from the urge to punish – as we see those offenses against us as merely a reflection of a fellow being’s immense personal tragedy, darkness and struggle.

It is compassion which sets us free. The Warrior within us is not, however, merely soft and gentle, but also cognizant and wise. Our Warrior Self recognizes that, while it is not our duty to Punish, NOR IS IT OUR DUTY TO SAVE.

The Tribe of Great Warriors is one which has been collectively tested. Our training is effective, and while we recognize the honor in having been selected, we bear the harsh truth of its brutality. The vast majority of us have faced unimaginable challenges, nearly unbearable struggles, and have had our faith in our very safety rocked to the core. The resulting neurology in our brains thus establishes patterns; programs that run year after year, and strengthen as time passes. As part of our Divine Training, conquering these patterns is very much part of our Sacred Work.

We find there are many people in our lives to forgive, and much of the time we do not realize it is because we’ve been subconsciously seeking out, as well as staying too long, in the company of energies which do not serve our own.

In recognition of this, we now, Great Warriors, find ourselves at another Divine Choice Point. Once we become aware that we have been focusing our energy, time and attention upon that which causes us distress (any variation of the vibration of fear, anger, hurt, etc.), we consciously shift our focus to energies, of both people and situations, that lift us up in love, support and genuine connection.

When we become conscious of having engaged our energy with a person who is trying to manipulate with words or actions, who speaks to us in a way that is hurtful, takes advantage of our kindness…in short, any action which makes us feel contracted, fearful, sad or unseen – we know we are repeating an outdated pattern from our past. We sometimes find ourselves getting locked into engaging with people who cause us pain, as we are in the process of learning to enact our Power of Mobility.

Now is the time, Dear Warrior, that we realize all of our focus, once wasted on these patterns, can now be directed toward energies that lift us up and brighten our light. Energies which seek to lovingly contribute, rather than take advantage. Energies that speak kindly, rather than tear us down. Energies that exchange attuned attention, rather than demand it flow in only one direction. When it is time to walk away, that is what we do, BOTH swiftly AND with our hearts filled with love and well wishes. We choose not to interrupt other’s Divine Lessons; we allow their processes to unfold as they have been designed to, by an Intelligence far greater than our own.

In the Name of Death and Destruction, We, The Cosmic Warriors of this Divine Universe, usher in the birth of Sincere Compassion, True Love and Genuine Respect for both Ourselves, and all others within Our Vast Family Of Living Beings.

We continue on our path, and each step is symbolic of our ever-enduring, ever-powerful enaction of Vibration Elevation for All of Creation.

Photo Credit: Valerie Leeds


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