Plant wisdom. It is one modality through which Mother Nature speaks her messages. She offers communications and inspirations, which we are all capable of receiving. And the pathway to receiving? Perceiving. Attention. Quiet the mind, and welcome that which you find.

I’ve already received an abundance of gifts from my little buckwheat greens. The gift of getting my hands dirty with the earth into which I plant my food, and the inherent connection to my ancestral practices that lies therein. The Divine Intelligence coming to life as I consume and integrate the high vibrational, nutrient dense and electrically charged nourishment. My immune system becomes strengthened, I obtain a clean and activated life force, and each and every cell is assisted in their enterprise of repair, rejuvenation and actuated harmonization.

Today, I receive a new blessing; a new lesson from this seedling. I had gotten the practice of planting and harvesting down pat. I graduated from checking on my notes with each step in the process; how long to soak the seeds, when to uncover, how often to water and at what length to harvest. While I held gratitude for my skill as it had thus efficiently developed, I noticed not – that some magic had left my process.

In a momentary defiance of routine, I decided to unload the spent compost from my harvest into a raised bed in front of my home. Within days, I began to notice fresh buckwheat sprouts growing from runts into beautiful, healthy greens. It didn’t take long for them to begin to wither. Although my “buckwheat sprouting process” had been completed, I felt the call to forge a new path. I decided to help these little beings to thrive, impressed with their ignorance of the “completed process;” respectful and admiring of their freedom from “conditioned procedure.”

Day by day, I felt the rejuvenation of my soul, as I checked on my new little plant family members. I didn’t know my tiny buckwheat’s leaves would so drastically change shape! From little leaves on my plate and in my smoothies, reminiscent of clover, morphing into what I perceived to be brilliant emerald diamonds, and continuing their journey into the shape of defiant tongues sticking out in the name of rebellion.

And then there was the day I was greeted by little white flowers. Marvelous. Dainty. Beautiful. Here was a plant, a fellow living being, who had already imparted unto me countless gifts of goodwill, and I was only just now taking the time to get to really know her. With the exchange of attuned attention, grew our inter-being, intergalactic love; our cosmic vibrational exchange.

Nature, as she connects to OUR INHERENT nature, wants not for us to perfect, become robotic nor give in to a mechanical way of being. Nature calls out for us to remember wonder, to experience awe, to delight in all that we are shown and experience. In returning to nature, we allow ourselves thus to reestablish the mind, heart and soul of our child inside. No matter the number of times our physical body has journeyed around our Sun, we will always be the beloved children of our Loving Mother. Play. Be enchanted. Remain curious. Stay golden. Reestablish your birthright and receive all miracles.  


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