Be Your Own Psychedelic

We have access to many beautiful plant medicines. They can serve to illuminate our way, unlock potentials, give us the tools to foster our healing, and thus activate a higher vibration. This is a drive that all living beings share: The impulse to evolve…not merely physically, but spiritually as well. 

The psychospiritual medicines which we derive from plants, however, MUST BE benefited from in tandem with the work that we do as beings who are completely naked, raw, and unassisted but for the guidance of our unaltered connection with the unified field of Cosmic Consciousness. 

We have the ability to access profound insights through choosing not to turn away from that which brings us fear. Once we begin to view our fear as a great tool, rather than an undesirable emotion, we will see the Divine Gift in looking upon that which causes us distress. 
We can bravely make the decision to hold those thoughts, images and feelings from which we have been fleeing, from which we have been desperately, and in large part, unconsciously, distracting ourselves, in an effort to bar any unpleasantness from entering into our field of conscious contemplation.

It is the Path of the Warrior to choose to look deeply upon that from which fear begs us to run. It is the work of the Shaman, which indeed resides within all of us, to sagaciously dedicate the time and focus to exploring our shadows.

In recognition that father sun would never rise if not for the labors of the darkness that births him, we choose to dive boldly into our depths so that we may resurface, to once again be bathed in light. As dedicated and thoughtful students, we apply the lessons so graciously gifted to us from our plant teachers, for we recognize, they mean only to show us the way, and entrust us with the ability do the work which they have laid before us. 

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