The Power of Images

Gratitude to you, Roberto Assagioli, honored father of Psychosynthesis, for passing on the knowledge of the phenomenal power of images, and the ways in which we can evoke and employ their use so they may become catalysts for inspiring beneficial shifts in physical conditions, external acts, and the inner depths of self-governance of our emotions. Thank you for reminding us that we are the directing agents of our focus, and that our exceedingly capable Will gifts us the Divine Opportunity to utilize ideas, mental pictures, and images, as great and powerful tools of manifestation.

We hold immense appreciation as we enter into this process of reclaiming the conscious employment of our natural powers. The veil of deception is being lifted. Those who have sought control over our behaviors by bombarding us with repetitive images have used this technique pervasively. There is a limit, however, to what may be accomplished should the motives behind the mechanics lack pure intention of Good Will, for it will be lacking in the backing of the Universal, Cosmic Drive. Herein lies our inherent advantage.

We are transitioning from indiscriminately taking in images which have been created with subversive intent, to evoking visions which originate in the depths of Divine Intelligence.

We are tapping into the use of esoteric techniques, and transmuting that which was once used against our personal and collective good to that which has benefit for all.

We are gaining psychological and spiritual sovereignty. We are fiercely supported by the energetic resolve of the Universe, designed to advance our evolution to the next level of love.

The revolution has begun. It is joyful. It is determined. It is you, and it is me. What is the image, my friend, that you see?

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